EnesFilter  – innovative energy saving device

We guarantee energy savings up to 40 %

Unique engineering solution of Russian scientists — energy saving device,
allowing substantially to reduce the electric power consumption and extend the equipment service life.

We are saving energy and saving your money!

What is EnesFilter?

EnesFilter – a passive, analog, energy-saving device that performs the current filtering, voltage regulation in the electric power network and energy consumption optimization. EnesFilter ensures the stable operation of energy consuming equipment.

Energy-saving device is designed in the form of a metal cabinet with a door. The cabinet has a floor-mounted design, and during installation it is fixed to the room wall. Energy-saving filter components that include the switching, protection, filtering, control, full-load current reduction sections and a controller are installed inside the cabinet on the panel.

Device features:

A primary feature of the device is a complete passivity of an energy-saving power network filter, analog design and absence of integrated programming devices, that guarantees a long and failure-free operation.

Introduction of energy-saving devices EnesFilter is the best solution and a one-time investment in improving the enterprise energy efficiency with a minimal payback period.

The invention of EnesFilter was distinguished by the diploma of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and the Committee on Energy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

EnesFilter is the most effective technology for reducing the electrical power consumption and improving its quality in the electric power network.

We to Skolkovo!

Already whole 10 years we are engaged in development and production of a number of innovative products, one of which is the energy saving  device — EnesFilter.

At the beginning of 2017, the company received the status of resident of development Fund of the Center for elaboration and commercialization of new technologies «SKOLKOVO». Skolkovo is an innovations centre in Russia.  http://sk.ru/net/1121730/

We have also got the state support for the term of 10 years:
— The lowered rate of insurance premiums – 14% instead of 30%
— Release from obligations of the taxpayer for income tax – 0% instead of 20%
— Release from obligations of the taxpayer for a value added tax – 0% instead of 18%
— Release from the taxation by the property tax of the organisations – 0%  instead of 2,2%
— Compensation (remission) of the customs duty and the VAT concerning the goods imported for construction and the equipment of real estate objects into Skolkovo or necessary for implementation of research activity into Skolkovo.

There are a lot of benefits, not only in terms of taxes but also support and advice, funding, help with documentation, laws and intellectual property rights.

Thus, all these advantages allow our company to increase investment attractiveness of the project, to reduce a payback period of investments and to increase the profit of the company.

Introduction in operation of a unique innovative energy-saving filter provides the following results:

  • Reduced monthly costs for electricity consumption
  • Guaranteed savings of 10-40% on the energy meter
  • Increasing the production profitability and competitiveness by reducing the electricity costs per unit of production
  • Reducing the costs for the equipment depreciation and consumables up to 70%
  • Reducing the risk of accidents in the electric power network — minimizing the failures and breakdowns due to improving the quality of consumed electric power
  • Additional fire safety of buildings and structures
  • Increased electrical equipment service life 2-4 times
  • Short payback period for the device introduction costs due to energy saving
  • High rate of the overall economic effect by reducing the operating costs, improving the current quality and extending the service life of energy-consuming equipment.
  • There is no analogue, providing similar performance.

Unique features of the device:

  • Efficiency approaches 100%
  • Eliminating of short-term inrush currents
  • Easy adaptability to existing electrical power networks
  • Uninterrupted voltage supply
  • Voltage equalization in a three-phase circuit
  • Two-threshold reactive power control
  • Free exit from the energy-saving mode
  • Absence of integrated programming devices
  • High interference immunity of device
  • Fixing of the real energy saving percentage achieved

Potential consumers of energy saving devices EnesFilter:

  • Government institutions:
    • Ministry of Health Care
    • Ministry of Defense
    • Ministry of Education
    • Ministry of Culture
    • Ministry of Emergency Situations
    • Railways
    • Airports
    • lighting networks of roads, subways, cities
  • Commercial structures and enterprises:
    • Gas Filling Stations
    • Hotels
    • Industrial enterprises
    • Office and commercial buildings
    • Residential buildings
    • Suburban settlements
  • The energy-saving filter has proven itself at the facilities of housing services and utilities and public sector. Installation of the device in the Partnerships of Housing Owners, where the effect of energy conservation will reduce the cost of electricity for each householder, is also very promising

Energy-saving filter has been introduced and already give real savings at the following enterprises:

  • LLC Lukoil-Volganefteprodukt
  • Republican Unitary Enterprise «Belorusneft-Gomeloblnefteprodukt»
  • OJSC Tatneft
  • LLC TranzitCity (Tatarstan)
  • CJSC Hladokombinat Zapadny (Krasnodar)
  • Coffee-House (Volgograd)
  • Nizhny Novgorod OJSC Pechat
  • Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia for the Avtozavodskoy District of the Nizhny Novgorod City
  • OJSC NBD-Bank
  • Livestock Farm LLC Barmino
  • OJSC Hotel Complex OKA
  • OJSC Vyksunskiy Zavod Korpusov
  • OJSC Dzerzhinskiy myasokombinat DEMKA/li>
  • OJSC Airport Koltsovo, City of Yekaterinburg
  • LLC City-Center
  • Nizhny Novgorod Passenger Motor Transport Enterprise No. 2, City of Nizhny Novgorod
  • OJSC Hydromash, City of Nizhny Novgorod
  • OJSC Ptitsefabrika Seymovskaya
  • Defense Company OJSC Zavod Korpusov
  • and another enterprises
* Download all production line of energy saving device «EnesFilter»
NOMENCLATURE Enes-24 Enes-36 Enes-66 Enes-110
Rated load power, kW 24 36 66 110
Number of filter sections (phases), pcs. 3 3 3 3
Number of full-load current reduction steps, pcs. 3 3 3 3
Maximum full-load current per phase, A 33,0 50,0 100,0 200,0
Phase-to-phase voltage operating range, V 176…242 176…242 176…242 176…242
Circuit breaker tripping current, A 40 63 125 400
Phase protection breakers tripping current, A 40 40 63 80
Overall dimensions without packaging (H x W x D), mm 1070х650х300 1070х650х300 1320х750х300 1800х800х450
Equipment weight, kg 70 100 150 180

Equipment operation

The device is designed for electric energy saving in terms of the active energy in electric power networks with a voltage of 0.4 kV and a frequency of 50 Hz and improving the quality of guaranteed electric power supply for the consumer. Main technical solutions were implemented in accordance with the patent of the Russian Federation for invention No. 2446549 «Surge suppressing power-line filter», registered in the State Register of Inventions of the Russian Federation on March 27, 2012 (invention priority — February 16, 2011,) and the «know-how» associated with the invention.

The device is designed for operation in areas with temperate and cold climates, including in unheated premises. Ambient temperature — from — 35 ° C to 45 ° C. Relative humidity — not more than 98% @ + 25 ° C. Operating environment must not be explosion-hazardous, not containing current-carrying dust, aggressive gases and vapors in concentrations destroying metals and insulation.

On the basis of the preliminary technical analysis of energy-saving in the contracting company, our experts will provide the recommendations on equipment selection, will perform the delivery, installation and commissioning, as well as provide the warranty and post-warranty services.

The technical result consists in the use of the energy increasing in the current loading and, as a result, in saving of the electric power consumed by the load.

Surge suppressing power-line filter, containing the inductance coil with a core and a current filtering inductance with a core equipped with at least one additional winding, installed in each line wire breaks, a capacitor and at least two filtering and correcting circuits, the input of each of which is connected to the output of one of the additional windings, are installed between the line wires, in addition, it contains the bias coil and the ballast inductor with a core, which are connected in series between the line wires, a threshold device connected to the inlet between line wires, an electronic switching device connected between one of the line wires and the connecting point of the bias coil and the ballast inductance, wherein the output of the threshold devices connected to the electronic switching device, and the bias coil is installed on at least one of the cores of inductance coils.

Thus, this energy-saving filter combines the functions of a broadband filter with a reduction of the full-load current supplied from the power supply network, with an allowable threshold decreasing of the supply network line current fed to the loads of active, active-capacitive, reactive and reactive-active types.

On a functional level the energy saving device consists of three blocks:

It reduces the current supplied to the load from the electric power network with an allowable voltage reduction limit control in the load based on the technical characteristics and, as a result, ensures the saving of the electric energy consumed by the load. Savings achieved by the generating of the current, which is the opposite to the current in the load by the threshold control of the bias current in the common core of primary inductance coil and the bias coil. The reduction current magnitude in the power supply network filter output is controlled by the parameter ratio of inductance coils, bias coils and ballast inductors rated which are structurally included in the first module. Control parameters are selected by the threshold solver (controller) and depend on the input parameters of the power supply network voltage.
Performs the broad-band filter function. It consists of inductance coils with cores included in the break of line conductors and a capacitor that provides the smoothing of current pulses, when they occur in the load.
It consists of parallel filter-correcting circuits that divert the reactive currents occurring in the load from the input wires into these parallel circuits. In dynamics, this reduces the phase shift angles between current and voltage on the electric circuit input and results in the reduction of the total counted consumed power. Because the adaptive disconnecting process of filtering and correcting circuits occurs during the load current reduction, therefore, this module does not contribute an additional load to the power supply network, and it operates only as a compensator of reactive type currents.


Energy-saving filter has been introduced in different branches of business

We received the comments from all the organizations indicating the electric power saving percent on the energy meter,
the value of which, depending on the complex load type, amounted to 40%.


Scope of application
Outdoor Advertising
Heating Equipment
Conditioning Systems
Shop Equipment
CNC Machine Tools
Office Equipment

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